Weekend Special

 From Friday to Sunday 

Strawberry Short Cake

Fudge Brownies

Cinnamon Buns


Fridays Favour Dessert

Saturdays Sweet Spot

Easy Sunday Mornings

Our vanilla sponge cake, fresh organic strawberries, light and fluffy swiss meringue cream & home made custard - all in perfect harmony. Oh we drizzle on some white chocolate ganache too. Friday never looked better! 

jars - $6.50 serves 1-2

6 inch - $55 serves 8-10

8 inch - $65 serves 12-15

Call to reserve 

(647) 949-6715

Our ooey gooey brownies will take you on a trip to cloud 9 - baked with the freshest ingredients and high quality coco powder, these brownies are sure to have you coming back for seconds! 

2 for $10

6 for $30 

12 for $55

Call to reserve 

(647) 949-6715

Our fuffy Rolls are freshly baked every weekend. We hand crafted our spice blend to give you the right about of sweetness while enjoying the explosion of flavour! Experience notes of nutmeg, ginger and spiced cinnamon - Taste the Tastebuds Bakery difference today. We look forward to seeing you!

6 - $25

12 - $45 

Call to reserve 

(647) 949-6715